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Print - Casa de Palmas Courtyard, McAllen, Texas

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This is an infrared photograph taken with a special digital camera that is able to capture the infrared spectrum which is normally not visible to the human eye. It renders green as white and adds more contrast to the image making it a fascinating image. Casa de Palmas is a 100-year-old hotel in downtown McAllen across from Archer Park on Main Street.

Print options are available on giclee, regular photographic print - true black & white print available, as is metallic print, canvas print and, prints on fine art paper. Please note that the images will be printed in a matte type finish or semi-gloss finish, NOT glossy finish. The metallic print does have a shine to it but, all other prints are matte or semi-gloss. Shipping is via most economical option and may take 10-15 business days, for expedited shipping, please email before/after placing the order for upgrade charges.

PLEASE NOTE THAT I TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS IN DIFFERENT ASPECT RATIOS AND THE INDUSTRY HAS SET NUMBER OF SIZES IN WHICH THEY ARE PRINTED. What this means is that at times, the image will need to be cropped to fit the size you pick. Alternatively, you can request that the image not be cropped but, what that means is that there will be white space around the image. You can then trim it and get custom framing for it. If you desire no cropping, please do indicate that in the order notes or send me an email after/before placing an order.