Photo Book (Hardcover) - Ahmedabad: A World Heritage City -
Photo Book (Hardcover) - Ahmedabad: A World Heritage City -
Photo Book (Hardcover) - Ahmedabad: A World Heritage City -
Photo Book (Hardcover) - Ahmedabad: A World Heritage City -
Photo Book (Hardcover) - Ahmedabad: A World Heritage City -
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Photo Book (Hardcover) - Ahmedabad: A World Heritage City

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India's first city to be designated as a World Heritage City is located in the western state of Gujarat. World Heritage Photographer, Author, and Publisher of eight books on historic architecture, Pino Shah, takes you through a visual journey of the city of Ahmedabad (Amdavad). The book showcases some of the finest historic architecture of the 600+-year-old city, its culture, the people, and, festivities. A colorful journey based on photographs selected from over 20,000 photographs taken over a nine-year period.

HOW IS THIS BOOK DIFFERENT FROM THE FIRST BOOK ‘Ahmedabad: Glimpses of India’s First World Heritage City?’

This book uses 100 lb paper where the photographs are printed in photographic print quality providing better rendition. The other book uses 70 lb paper while providing a good rendition.

The first book is over 200 pages with 500+ photographs. It is ideal for those researching the city and wanting a comprehensive body of work that documents the old city using photographs. This book is 52 pages. Both books cover the story of Ahmedabad beautifully. This book is provides a global overview of Ahmedabad captivating the reader’s interest and imagination through brief narratives and stunning images. While the first book also has more visuals than text, it presents each topic in depth through the photographs.

The first book is landscape or horizontal 10x8” and this book is landscape 11.5x8.5”. This book would come closer to being called a coffee table book and would make an ideal gift for a non-Indian friend that you would like to introduce Ahmedabad to. The first book is suitable for NRIs that want to reminiscence and experience nostalgia bringing back memories of places they visited while growing up in Ahmedabad.

Cost-wise, both books are priced the same as the cost to product the quantity and good quality or size of the first book is similar to the better quality and the abridged version of this book. Both books are hardcover books.

If you are an NRI and want to gift a book to a non-Indian friend, I recommend this book as I have designed it to give a synopsis view of Ahmedabad while covering the fundamentals of the city.

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The book is hardcover only.


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