PRE-ORDER HassyPB Instax Square Film Back for Hasselblad V
PRE-ORDER HassyPB Instax Square Film Back for Hasselblad V
PRE-ORDER HassyPB Instax Square Film Back for Hasselblad V
PRE-ORDER HassyPB Instax Square Film Back for Hasselblad V
PRE-ORDER HassyPB Instax Square Film Back for Hasselblad V

PRE-ORDER HassyPB Instax Square Film Back for Hasselblad V 500 200 2000 Cameras

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THIS IS A PRE-ORDER. THE PRODUCT WILL SHIP AFTER AUGUST 1, 2022. DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS STILL IN PLACE IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES, ETA IS OUT OF OUR CONTROL. Orders will be shipped "first come, first serve" basis. This product is fabricated in and ships from Thailand.

Also, note that in order to get sharp and acceptable results, the lens has to be set at f16 or f22, or f32. While it is possible to use wider apertures such as f11 or f8, etc., the focus shifting factor as outlined in detail in the user instructions included with the filmback must be employed. Also, the film ejects downwards to accommodate prism usage. This means that the border orientation will be on the top. Alternatively, you can use the camera over the head to take the shot to get the traditional border orientation.

This is a ver 1 of a product. This means, there are bound to be bugs or imperfections. This also means that the product is not ready for professional usage. While it is finely functional, your purchase will fund the creator to build ver 2. If ver 1 is this well made, I eagerly look forward to ver 2. Also,  see the creator's message below. 

Oh, the price is only for the filmback with the darkslide, no cameras or any other accessories included.


Many have tried to create an Instax filmback for Hasselblad cameras. The one that tried and tried and tried over 60 times is John Kasawa and his team from Thailand. 

In the words of John Kasawa, Creator & Founder of HassyPB

"Over 10 years ago, the Fuji FP100C that could be used in the Hasselblad Polaroid back was discontinued. Since then, the instant film back and my passion were stored in cabinets leaving a void within. The 120 roll film backs and digital backs for Hasselblad offer great results for both, amateurs and professionals. But, they cannot replace the touch that instant photos provided.

My team and I reminisced the wonderful moments we used to experience with the Polaroid instant shots we used to take. We decided to reignite our passion and after about 60 product iterations, we created the HassyPB. At first glance, you may think that the PB stands for Polaroid Back. But, that is not the real meaning. PB is the nickname for my granddaughter and so, I decided to create the endearing name of HassyPB."


  • Instant film back is based on the Fuji Instax Square SQ1 camera model which uses the Instax Square 6.2x6.2 cm 800 ISO films. Films not included
  • Metal (no cheap plastic here) Hasselblad V mount film back. Yes, the SQ1 is encased in a metal body for a sturdy build
  • Compatible with Hasselblad V 500 200 2000 camera models. No accessories or other bundles needed
  • Accepts all C CF F FE lenses focused at infinity
  • No, it doesn’t work with 500EL motorized, SWC, FlexBody, and ArcBody models
  • Auto paper feed out - 2xCR2 3V batteries will be needed
  • Dimension : W x L x H, 4.5” x 5” x 1.5”
  • Weight: Approximately 485g

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