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35mm and 120 Medium Format Film Cameras, Film Sales, Developing, Scanning and, Printing

Pino Shah, Owner of Pino Shah Antiques, McAllen, Texas

For questions or information, TEXT (956) 492-7140 for a call back. We buy old film cameras and typewriters. Text the pictures and pricing. 25+ varieties of films available, film developing, scanning and, printing services available.

Pino Shah Antiques

McAllen, Texas


As a kid, I was always fascinated with a typewriter - what it could do and the sound it made. At the age of nine, I was loaned a film camera and from the first roll, I was addicted to film photography. At age ten, I was introduced to a fetish - the fountain pen! Then, life happened and for the next several decades I was neither indulgent in typewriters or film cameras. In 2018, I got back into both. Slowly at first and then immersed myself. I self-taught film developing. I started collecting inkwells as fountain pens was another fetish I never gave up. A natural complement to fountain pens and typewriters are pocket watches and, I took up the study of the fascinating world of pocket watches.

I carry a small and select collection of inkwells and pocket watches but, my prime love is for film cameras followed by typewriters. I enjoy restoring, refurbishing or servicing both and bringing them back to working glory when practical.