30-day Warranty on CLA'd Cameras

We offer a 30-day Warranty on our cameras that have been cleaned, lubricated and, adjusted (CLA'd - camera listings with CLA, not all cameras are CLA'd) by:

  1. professional experts (folks that make a full-time living repairing and specializing in certain make and models of cameras) or,
  2. retired technicians that worked for the camera manufacturer or were trained by the manufacturer or,
  3. the manufacturer, for example, Hasselblad still is an operational company and has its service center for North America where we send Hasselblad cameras.

The CLA'd cameras like all our film cameras are film tested (as opposed to just turning them on to see if the meter works or the shutter fires and 'sounds' accurate) once we receive them before we put them up for sale. 

If within 30 days of the delivery of your camera, you experience equipment failure that is not a result of negligence on your part, the following warranty will apply:

  1. We will first attempt to resolve the issue over the phone or through a video call. If it cannot be resolved, we will send you a pre-paid shipping label to send the camera back to us. Proper packaging - best to save the packaging you received the camera in - is your responsibility.
  2. Upon receipt of the camera, we will inspect it and determine the cause of the failure. If the equipment is found to be functional as designed, we will offer to ship it back to you or offer a partial refund. You will be responsible for the shipment of the equipment back to us and again, back to you. If you decide to get a refund for a functional as designed camera meaning we found it to be user error and everything worked fine, we will deduct the cost of the shipping back to us and a apply a 20% restocking fee. If the equipment is faulty, we will offer to replace it or fix it or refund you the money.

For questions, please text us at (956) 492-7140 for a callback as this minimizes spam calls.