FILM TESTED Nikon L35AF 'Pikachi' Point & Shoot Film Camera

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Let me start off by addressing the pricing for this camera. This is one of those Point & Shoot cameras that takes pictures as good as high-priced lenses. This is a legendary camera. Check out Ken Rockwell's review here: I would also encourage you to Google 'Nikon L35AF review.' I received this camera from an estate and regrettably, the prior owner had left batteries in there which of course, leaked but, thankfully, did not explode as it would have caused permanent damage. Slowly, methodically, I removed the old batteries and cleaned out the compartment. Then, I tested it with new batteries and, of course, film. You can see some of the images I took with it in this listing. It is hard to tell that they are taken with a P&S. Overall, the camera shows wear commensurate with the age (30+ years old) and includes a fine leather case and a simple strap. Some remarkable features include the ability to mount filters, 2-stop exposure compensation (back-lit subjects), and of course, Auto Flash which is what the AF stands for. Also unique is the ability to set the ISO. It has a mechanical self-timer switch in the front which keeps the camera in a countdown mode to fire the shutter so that you can take selfies the old-fashioned way! The red light turns on and as you get close to the 10-second timer going off, it pulsates faster and faster eventually releasing the shutter. Another interesting article I found is this If you live in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, I will warranty the camera with a 30-day warranty with service in McAllen. FREE SHIPPING via ground, fully insured. Expedited shipping quoted upon request.