FILM TESTED Mamiya Universal Press Film Camera 100mm f6.3

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The Mamiya Universal Press camera is one of the best and most modular cameras ever made. Everything from the viewer to the lens to the film back could be swapped mid-roll. Film backs are available in 6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x9 and, Polaroid! So, imagine that you are shooting something in B&W and decide you want to swap to color or are shooting 6x7 and want to shoot it in 6x9. No problem. As long as you have the film back, you are set. Be sure to slide in the plate to prevent the film from being exposed to light and swap it out. These cameras are built like a tank. Solid metal. They are heavy and will give your hands a work-out. Next time you watch a classic movie and see a press reporter, notice the camera. Chances are it is this model. The lenses made for the Mamiya Universal Press are well-built, sharp. The included lens is clear of any defects, 100mm f6.3. Two film backs are included to get you started, both are 6x9. One of them has been used more than the other as you can see from the close-up picture of it. Both function well. The camera with the handle with a built-in trigger or cable release performs as designed. See the two pictures I took with this camera. If you are from the Lower Rio Grande Valley region, I will warranty the camera against any defects for 30 days with service to be provided in McAllen. FREE SHIPPING via ground, fully insured. Expedited shipping quoted upon request.