1948 Waltham Vanguard Model 1912 16s 23j Open Face Railroad Grade Pocket Watch

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Of the many fine American pocket watches ever made, the Waltham Vanguard was in a class of its own. This is a 23 jewel watch and a Railroad Grade for time accuracy. Railroad Grade watches had to highly accurate as switching of tracks relied on these watches and if the time was off, it could result in disastrous accidents - an accident led to the standard being set forth. The dial had to be clearly readable - hence, no Roman Numerals. In order to set the time, there was a separate stem that had to be pulled out before you could move the hands. This ensured that the person winding the watch would not accidentally change the time! The manufacturing of the watches was extra stringent to meet the exacting requirements to meet the standard of being a Railroad Grade. It had to function in all varieties of weather, in different positions, unlike a regular pocket watch that primarily stayed in the life of a normal person. The watch has a nice bulky substantive feel to it. To access the front to set the time, the crystal (the glass cover of a pocket watch) is a screw-on design. You take a piece of cloth or your gent would take his handkerchief and twist the cover in a counter-clockwise movement. Then raise the stem to set the time. The stem is not the winding knob in the case of a Railroad Grade watch, it is a different mechanical piece visible once you remove the crystal. Buy it with confidence for the man of your life. As with all my pocket watches, I carry them for a week to ensure that they work well. Since this is 70+ years old, I do recommend getting it serviced at some point in time in the future - being Railroad Grade with normal day-to-day use, it will be just fine for a long time to come. FREE SHIPPING, fully insured.