FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS on Film Cameras and Typewriters on Pino Shah Antiques.

Is shipping free? How do you ship? Can I upgrade the shipping?

Yes, the shipping is free for all items on the site. Items are shipped fully insured and via the most economical carrier. If you would like to upgrade your shipping, TEXT (956) 492-7140 for a callback and quote on faster shipping.

Do all items work?

Yes, unless it is mentioned in the description that it is for display only.

Where are you located?

McAllen, Texas, on the US-Mexico border, deep South Texas.

Do you accept returns? Who pays for the returns?

If the item is not as described, yes. Otherwise, no. All sales are final.

Do you buy vintage and antique items?

Yes, mostly film cameras and non-electric or manual typewriters. TEXT pictures and pricing to (956) 492-7140 along with any history or background of the item. Do your homework on what price you would like for the item. Most dealers don't have the time to entertain sellers wanting to know what is the best price we can give them. If you want an evaluation of the item, an estimated price, see next question.

Do you appraise items?

Yes, within my scope of experience and knowledge. You can find the value of most items by looking at complete sales on eBay. Keep in mind that the condition of the item will ultimately determine the value of the item. As dealers, we buy at wholesale prices, clean up items, service them, complete them, refurbish them, repair them and add our profit margin to it. Meaning that we will not pay retail for an item unless we are buying it for our personal collection. To appraise the value of your item, I charge an appraisal fee of $25+ depending on the item. I provide the retail price you can expect to get from sale to a private party, the price you can get by listing it online and, the price a dealer would be willing to pay you.