Sell Your Old Film Cameras & Get Cash

120 medium format 35mm film cameras

Sell Your Old Film Cameras & Get Cash*

Find an old film camera in the attic or the garage? Get money for it. Find boxes of old film in the original packaging, I buy those as well.

I buy old film cameras. 120 medium format cameras and select 35mm cameras. Sorry, no Canon AE-1 or Argus or Polaroid or Brownie cameras. If you have an old Nikon or Leica or Mamiya or other brands of cameras in good working condition, email me or text me the pictures of the camera along with any history you have on it. Include the desired pricing for faster response. If you would just like to have the camera valued for pricing, I provide that service for a nominal fee. I would research the model and provide you three levels of pricing:

  1. Private Party Sale Price - the price you would get if you were to sell it directly to someone.

  2. Auction Price - the price you would get if you listed it on eBay or Etsy.

  3. Dealer Price - the price that camera shops or antique dealers would pay for it.

*Cash - payment would be instant via PayPal or Venmo or Facebook or actual cash depending on the value of the camera.

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