Majestime Pocket Watch 12s 17j Hunter Case - Watches
Majestime Pocket Watch 12s 17j Hunter Case - Watches

Majestime Pocket Watch 12s 17j Hunter Case

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A great starter pocket watch for someone that has never owned one. It is a smaller size and lighter and yet has 17 jewels. It is what is called a Hunter case meaning that the crystal (cover of the dial) is snapped closed behind a metal cover. To open it, you press the button on top of the winding knob.

To close it, if you press the same button and gently press the cover back in place, it will make your cover mechanism last longer. Most folks just snap it back in place and over time, it wears out the locking mechanism. The watch has a simple numeral dial and has a braided strand of leather attached to the hesp. It makes the watch look more classy with it. Gives it a nostalgic look.

As with all my watches, I carry it on me for a week and this keeps time fine. The mechanism is Incabloc Swiss. Since it has the hours, minutes and, seconds hands, it is called a three-hand watch. It has a nice feel to it - not heavy or bulky but, not light either. Just the right weight for a lady or a first-timer boy or girl. FREE SHIPPING, fully insured.