FILM TESTED Mamiya RB67 Pro w 127mm f3.8 Lens Film Camera

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One of the finest workhorses cameras ever made, the Mamiya RB67. This used camera works great, is a 7.5 on the cosmetic scale as there are some spots of paint loss on the body. The film back has new light seals. As the film back was missing the darkslide needed, I had one fabricated and it does not have the tabs that make it possible to release the film back without manually pushing the notches on the back (right side). Attached are pictures that were taken with the camera. The lens is free of scratches, fungus and, separation. 

It has a chimney viewfinder which has a metering function though because of the age of the viewfinder, I would NOT recommend using the metering function. While it turns on and provides a needle-based indicator of the exposure, I would recommend using an external light meter or an app. So, the chimney viewfinder is being provided more for the magnification feature it provides and the blocking of light which aids in composition, and NOT for the metering functionality. The pricing has been adjusted to reflect that.

If you live in the *Lower Rio Grande Valley* region, the camera comes with a 30-day warranty with service in McAllen. Shipped FREE, fully insured.