Ribbons for Typewriters Available in McAllen

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Ribbons for Typewriters Available in McAllen

Searching for 'typewriter ribbon near me' or 'typewriter supplies near me' or 'typewriter repair shop near me?'

Yes, they still make ribbons for typewriters. This is not old stock. They make fresh or new ribbons for the old typewriters. We carry and install ribbons for all manual or non-electric typewriters. Of course, you can Google and buy one online but, if you buy the ribbon from us, we take the guesswork out of which is the right ribbon for your typewriter model. Additionally, we can install it - correctly - for you.

Have keys stuck on your typewriter? We can clean and lubricate your typewriter for you. Please note that we work only on non-electric or manual typewriters.

If you are considering buying a typewriter, buy one that comes with a 30-day warranty as that means that the seller has serviced the typewriter. While thrift shop or an online killer deal may thrill you, it will be quite anti-orgasmic to learn that typewriter repairs can run $120 per hour. Shipping a typewriter to a repair shop or person averages $40 each way. Improperly packaged typewriters end up severely damaged. We sell our typewriters with a 30-day warranty (for LRGV Customers).

Text us for a callback - that helps us minimize spam callers - (956) 492-7140 to order your typewriter ribbon.

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