McAllen Film Camera Service & Repairs

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Looking for a camera repair service near you?
McAllen Film Camera Service & Repairs

Film camera repairs can be tricky. Most of the cameras are from pre-2000. Typically, light seals are worn out as is the mirror foam. We replace those in McAllen using laser-cut seals and foams. We order the laser-cut seals and foams for your specific model of camera and take the time necessary to completely remove the old seals and foams so that the new ones adhere reliably. Approximate turnaround time is three weeks.

For more complex repairs, we send your camera out to qualified repair personnel across the US. In our experience based on using local repair, there is no one in the Valley that we can recommend or trust with the complex repairs. The folks we use for repairs use original parts and in most instances, provide a warranty on their repairs. We carefully package your old and fragile cameras and ship them fully insured. Typical turnaround for sending and receiving your camera for repairs ranges from three weeks to four months depending on the model of your camera.

If you buy film from us, we do an inspection of your camera at no cost to you. Without a film purchase, we charge $25 per camera for the inspection which is primarily visual and dry-testing the camera (without loading film). We also film-test cameras for a fee of $55 per camera where we load a film in your camera, shoot at different settings, develop and scan the film and, provide you with the results and recommendations along with an estimate to fix any problems found.

DSLR and other digital cameras: Best to send them to the manufacturer. In most instances, if the cost to repair is almost half as the cost to replace or buy a new one, we recommend going that route. There are non-manufacturer or third party repair facilities that do a fine job. We have not found any locally in the Rio Grande Valley.

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