Buying a Hasselblad 500 or V Series Camera From Us

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The folks looking to buy a Hasselblad V Series or 500CM or 500C cameras already know the legendary quality of the handmade Swedish cameras.

Buying a Hasselblad 500 or V Series Camera From Us

We strive to find those cameras in the finest condition. Once we receive them, we film test them. Then, we send the body and the A12 film back to Hasselblad's service facility in New Jersey, USA. The lens, if in our testing appears to have any issues also takes a trip to Hasselblad, New Jersey. We pay $250 for the service or Clean, Lubricate and, Adjustment (CLA) of the body and pay $150 for the A12 film back. If the lens needs a CLA, we pay $300 for it. Additionally, shipping both ways runs $85 inclusive of shipping for the full value of the various components.

Once we receive the equipment back - typically, after 4 weeks - we film test it again before listing it for sale. Each listing shows the pictures taken with that particular camera. So, when comparing pricing of the Hasselblad kits we sell, please take into consideration the above costs and efforts we put into each kit. Additionally, we are here to support your purchase via phone or DM or in-person for as long as you own the kit. For LRGV Customers, we also include a 30-day warranty. We will either repair any faulty equipment or replace it or refund your money provided it was not damaged due to negligence or improper usage on the part of the Customer.

We follow the above approach for all our cameras - for Canon and Pentax film cameras, for Rolleicords & Rolleiflex, for Yashica Mat 124G, we send them to retired factory technicians who perform a complete overhaul on the cameras using genuine parts.

Buying a Hasselblad 500 or V Series Camera From Us

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